Video Games That Topped 2012

This year has given birth to a number of video games on different platforms. They have entertained people with exciting games that can be played on PC’s, tablets and even mobile phones. Some great video games have earned the top spots in the competitive industry.

The Diablo franchise never fails to satisfy hungry gamers. It has introduced interesting characters and thrilling plots. Diablo III is the most popular and latest edition. This offers more realistic graphics that have kept players hooked. The edition also includes characters that made players want more.

Angry Birds is a mobile game that has earned the hearts of players from different age groups. The game has kept kids and adults busy with it simple game play and fun visuals. This has also grown from a video game to a complete retail franchise with its popular merchandise.

Street Fighter and Tekken have both earned years of popularity and revenue. These have become household names throughout the world. This instalment offers the excitement of both games with the combination of characters and controls.

Ultumate Fighting Championship (UFC) has gained a large population of enthusiasts with both its real fights and video games. This game offers hours of exciting gaming experiences

Angry Birds

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