Video games gain the most in the entertainment industry

pac-man-musicThe entertainment industry has long been a highly competitive area. Different fields contend with each other to win people’s hearts and pockets. The video game and movie industry have always found themselves head-to-head. These are the best challengers in gaining good audiences and revenue.

• Video Game Industry Earns the Most in Entertainment Profits

The gaming industry continues to increase in revenue and is expected to grow more in the years to come. Forbes recently reported a whopping increase of $67 billion this year and $82 billion by 2017. This value comes from a combination of different devices. It includes games that are played online and offline on hardware devices. The revenue also comes from PC, Xbox, Nintendo consoles, Playstation and mobile games. Popular game and console makers include Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Disney.

Recent reports have also shown that the gaming industry has generated over $17 billion in 2011. This has a great advantage compared to the movie industry. Although films are a familiar commodity, this industry only generated about $9 billion in the past year.

The result shows the greater influence of video games compared to films on their audience. People spend time and money watching movies, but they seem to spend more on playing video games. A huge number of people also keep up with the constant game development. The current revenue of mobile and tablet video game companies and developers is expected to reach more than $78 billion for this year. Reuters also projected a huge increase of revenue from social media games. This industry is projected to generate around $24 billion this year compared to $18 billion last year. This includes online gambling games; people who like to play blackjack online, online slots and poker seem to be very active in the casual/mobile sector as well. For the main growth in gaming there has been a significant focus on social and mobile, making these the big winners of 2012.

The development of video games has a major effect on its revenue. They started with traditional PC and NES games with popular games that included the Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda franchises. This industry has now reached greater heights with online games that do not require downloads or subscriptions. It provides entertainment for gamers of different interests and age groups.


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