Top earning video games

There are a number of video games that have earned the top spots with regards to their revenue. This includes online computer, console and mobile games. The result comes from recent reports on total income in the past year. The two games that earned the most revenue in 2011 are World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.

World of Warcraft still proves to be a favorite among gamers. It has gained the hearts of a large population of online game enthusiasts since its first installment in 1994. This computer game has long been a popular choice among MMORPG players because of its advanced graphics and exciting game play.

The game developers continue to entertain its audience with this fourth edition. This comes with better visuals and exciting quests. It also provides the same realm choices in 3D representation for its eager players. The developers also provide parental controls. This aims to help parents set limits in order to stop their children from playing for undesirable lengths of time.

The game’s revenue earned comes from subscriptions. This includes purchase for periods of a month to six months depending on their timecards. Revenue also comes from additional purchases from upgrades. There are reported to be over 10 million World of Warcraft subscribers all over the globe.

Another high earner for the year 2012 was the computer and console game Call of Duty. This game has earned over $1 billion in the first 15 days and still continues to grow. It gained a huge audience with its first installment for PC gamers. This game now offers a different gaming experience for console and handheld video game players. Activision owns the Call of Duty franchise. Aspyr Media published the installments for OS X.


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