Sharpen Your Brain

Activities that engage the human brain don’t have to be solely for learning, amassing information or preparing for an aptitude test; there are many exercises and games which have been designed for the express purpose of improving the brain’s functioning, and perhaps its ability to more effectively learn and absorb information.

One heavily advertised site is Lumosity, which claims to incorporate breakthroughs in the science of neuroplasticity into its products. Each game within the company’s site is presented as having been tailored to improve a specific cognitive function of the brain, ieik, concentration, short term memory, decision-making in time-sensitive situations, etc., and grouped with other games form a suite, the purpose of which is to improve overall brain performance.

A prospective user is asked to set up an account (free – however, to gain full access to the site one must pay) and subsequently must choose from a series of lists which cognitive functions he or she would like most to improve. A personalized curriculum with the user’s improvement in mind will then be generated. For instance, the game Speed Match will supposedly strengthen the brain’s ability to process information,
Memory Matrix the ability to remember an item’s location, and Space Junk should increase one’s attention span. This author fared pretty well recalling the locations of briefly revealed tiles in Memory Matrix, until it came time to account for nine or more of them – perhaps more practice is in order.

Another site that deserves mention is ProProfs, which has similar brain training games: Copy ThatCount the Cubes and Disc Shooting.

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