Nintendo makes promises to World Of Warcraft gamers again

Wii U is the latest video game console from Nintendo. The eighth generation was released in November 2012 worldwide. This device combines all the advantages of handheld consoles and computers.

The Nintendo Wii U offers the best gaming experience with its high definition graphics. It also lets users play through a traditional console or the LCD touch screen. The controller has a front-facing camera, a microphone and stereo speakers. It also has motion control and a sensor bar for a more exciting gaming experience.

The controller makes use of a Near Field Communication system (NFC). This allows users to control their devices through the invisible connection. The controller has a chip that lets it import files to another supported device. It also allows users to make transactions like product purchases through the NFC system.

Nintendo Wii U does not only provide a lot of gaming advantages. It is also a great device for online transactions. The controller allows users to video chat with its front-facing camera. Video chat can support up to 12 users at the same time.

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Nintendo Wii U also has an eShop that lets people browse through a wide range of retailers and video game providers. It has a unique social media portal called the Miiverse. This allows users to chat and connect with friends conveniently. The console also supports major video files and online portals that include YouTube and Amazon Instant Video.

There are already a lot of games that can be played through Wii U. this includes the New Super Mario Bros, Lego City Undercover and other Wii games. Later games that have been developed include Darsksiders II, Rabbids Land, ZombiU, Just Dance 4 and Assassin’s Creed III.

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