Most populair female video game characters

Female characters have taken over the world of video games with roles ranging from damsels in distress to heroines. The characters are household names for video game enthusiasts. These female characters have earned the hearts of gamers.

Princess Peach

Mario and Luigi are among the most popular video game characters. They have been stealing players’ hearts and time since 1985. However, many gamers play Super Mario Bros games not to see these characters but to get a glimpse of Princess Peach. This damsel in distress is the reason why Mario goes through the difficult quests. She sets Mario’s heart in motion with her simple kiss.

Princess Zelda

Another series that has been popular since the 1980’s is The Legend of Zelda. Among the main characters that stole the hearts of gamers worldwide is Princess Zelda. She looks like any beautiful princess with a soft touch. However, gamers know that she is no softy. Zelda may have a gorgeous face, but she can also fight.


Another well-known console and handheld game is the Final Fantasy series. Yuna is among the well-recognized female characters in the games. She has earned this spot because of her uncanny ability to make gamers play for long hours. Yuna also has the power to summon beasts that make her a good choice for a character, and she makes hearts melt with her graceful moves.

Lara Croft

Later generations of video game players have moved from traditional consoles to PCs. They have come to experience more advanced play and interactive gaming styles online. Among the most played PC and console games is Tomb Raider. The feisty main character Lara Croft helped it gain a lot of popularity. She is a more masculine character that can take on any task. People have even followed her from gaming to the films.


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