C-Virus Takes Over Resident Evil 6

Capcom released it sixth thrilling instalment of Resident Evil in 2012. This provides more exciting action game play compared to the other installments. It also offers a more realistic gaming experience for its large population of followers.

Resident Evil six takes place in Raccoon City 10 years after the zombie infestation. The game starts with the American President’s revelation to his people. He tells the story behind the incident and later experiences a bioterrorist attack. Neo-Umbrella launched the attack in order to stop him from exposing the corporation. They released a more advanced breed of zombies from the C-Virus. This results in the president being infected and turning into a zombie.

Leon S. Kennedy witnesses the president’s transformation and takes responsibility for saving the country. Chris Redfield also struggles from the same bioterrorist attack in China. These events set the whole story in place.

The sixth instalment provides more stimulating game play. It still maintains its original thrills while providing additional control functions. The game utilizes the new move and shoot control and cover system. It also allows players to redo a particular scene if he or she fails to complete it.

Resident Evil 6 has a more realistic visual appeal. It has thorough graphic details that make the experience seem more realistic and thrilling. The game is also darker compared to the other instalments to increase its thrilling mood.

The latest Resident Evil game proves to be the best among the other editions. It has detailed visuals that offer a more horror-filled gaming experience. Every character is made with careful details for more realistic scenes. The game is also faster and easier to control. It offers a thrilling gaming experience that will surely satisfy any eager resident Evil enthusiast.

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